Sunday, 15 July 2012

Here are some more unused or sketche book pages that I am making into a little "extras" style comic. After playing around with a few formats I've come back to a square one, 3rd A3 easy and cheap to print.
So it seems it's been over a year since I last put anything on this blog.
I've been mainly putting things on the blog with Tom Egg and Nye Wright, whcih is frankly doing a lot better at getting notice than this on.
Check it out -

I have been working on Atumm's story for two years and finally this year it see print, well part one anyway. Here is a selection of unused pages.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Also the Mark Millar comic con KAPOW at the start of april was a real blast. It was a high energy mix of games, cosplay, dealers, publishers and small press.

I went with Nye Wright who's just on the edge of getting his 10 year project published. ( We were selling small press items Celph for me and special convention version of the first chapters of Atumm. Back to back with sketch book pages. I was quite pleased with the package and wanted to see if it worked. For me, I think, i need more going on in the page - so the next version is going to be bigger. Kapow was great - it atracted a large number of folk who would never normally see small press or some of the the other great publishers inc. and

We evean had two folk - amazed that we published ourselves and had never even thought of that. "I buy all my comics off amazon..." One guy said as he clutched a pile of Iron made graphic novels under his arm.


Wow - the summer is here with a wave of great music and actual sun. (music for me this month is alexander tucker's Dorwytch lp LOST IDOL ep and lp In time and Space and copy of Ravi Shankar's improvisations lp keeping me sane.) We have been packing to move house - we've had the pleasure of this house and the ground for two whole years and lets hope the developers don't tear it all down. Here's a coupla pics of writer Tom Eglington and his wife, so you can see what i mean.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

CYLON Cavass'

I did some mini paintings to hang in Boy Parker - people seemed to like them, and i loved drawing the old style cylon. Plus it gave me an excuse to rewatch the series. We're up to second one just now, the pace is fantastic until after the meet the Pegasus - then it's a few fillers and holes start to appear in the story. Still - it's an amazing trip into space.

Saturday, 11 December 2010


My new strip is about a backgroud character from the Celph universe called Atumm. Here he's in spot of bother with two thugs. Again I'm making more of the backgrounds than I probably should.

Monday, 15 November 2010


So Whitenight was a big release for me - followed by a few days of headaches. Anyway it was a good night but it needs more outdoor stuff to reall work. The evnts spaces in Brighton are tiny and you queue for forty minutes to stand in an over heated room while some naked person reads out shit poetry. Our projections were brilliant - It's supposed to be white night - light up the city!! Also coincided with Halloween (Samhuinn) this year and a zombie walk in town. We didn't do any of that but we did manage to celebrate Joanas birthday by painting on skulls.

He's a pic of us outside the house we projected on.